Our Secret Seminars = Your Secret Weapon

Topics Include . . .

  • The Key to Successfully Writing Puts
  • How to Repair Short Puts
  • Mr. Market is a Gambling Addict - Here's How to Take His Money
  • How to Sell Puts in Bear Markets and Still Make Money
  • Generate Great Returns from Beaten Down Stocks
  • And More
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What is a Secret Seminar?
Each month I put together a collection of exclusive, high quality resources that cover important issues related to value investing with options. It's "Secret" because these resources are only made available to subscribers of this site. And each Seminar is only available for a limited time.

What Kind of Resources Are We Talking About?
The resources include videos, special reports, articles, and more. Each month, I'll show you how to use options to gain a real and material advantage over Mr. Market.

When and Where Do Secret Seminars Take Place?
Secret Seminars are totally self-paced, available on your schedule, and accessible via your favorite computer or other device. But at the end of each month, they go away.

Why Not a Webinar?
Most webinars are long, boring, inefficient, and prone to technical difficulties. I respect your time and actually EDIT(!) what I'm providing to you so you quickly get the important information and insights without all the fluff and inefficiency.

How Much Do Secret Seminars Cost?
Secret Seminars are always free - but they are invitation-only, and you must be a subscriber to gain access to them. Click on the orange button above to be notified of the next Secret Seminar.